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Customized USB keys Toronto

Customized USB keys Toronto

Hi there I am looking to create customized USB keys for my company to giveaway. How long does the process take and how much do they typically cost?AnswerHi Meister,   The process usually takes about 10 business days (a little bit longer for orders over 1000 drives) and we do have a few rush options available, which can get USB drives to you in ...
Can I connect and use USB 3.0 device to laptop with USB 2.0 ports

Can I connect and use USB 3.0 device to laptop with USB 2.0 ports?

109.pngBy cjpQ & A2 comments
I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010). It is pretty dated in terms of technology, and it uses two USB 2.0 ports that transfer data up to only 480 Mbps. However, I want to purchase USB 3.0 because I ...AnswerGreat question CJP, The USB 3.0 drives which we supply are 100% backwards compatible and will work extremely well in a USB 2.0 port.  In fact, you will see a “max-out” performance on ...
Custom USB Drives For Photographers in Canada

Custom USB Drives For Photographers in Canada

116.pngBy MarkQ & A2 comments
I’m a wedding photographer in Toronto, and I am thinking about ordering custom USB drives that I can use deliver wedding photographs to my clients in Canada. I want my custom USB drives to take on ...Answer Hello Mark,             We can create any custom shape you like.  So if there is a particular SLR camera that you are looking to replicate ...
Do You Keep Artworks For Custom USB Flash Drives

Do You Keep Artworks For Custom USB Flash Drives?

My friend was giving out custom USB flash drives like these, and it totally caught my attention. He said that he had ordered it from USB Direct. Do you keep all the art on files? Can I just request a logo ...AnswerHi there Lily,              We absolutely keep artwork on file and can totally use the man shape in a new design of USB Drives for you! ...
Magnetic usb caps

Magnetic usb caps

By JoryOhQ & A2 comments
Magnetic USB Caps   I just got my wooden USB drives by courier today and I realized that they have magnetic caps. I feel like this must be okay, but I have heard that magnets are bad for computers.   Have you ever had experience with these magnetic caps causing problems?   I've ...

Water Proof USB Key

109.pngBy cjpQ & A1 comments
Our company is having a pool party, and we are going to be giving away customized USB keys as party favours. Are your customizable USB sticks water resistant? How long is the average turnover rate?
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