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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your USB

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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your USB

1. Download Games


You can transfer any of your games onto a USB drive making all your games portable. Just like a handheld gaming device you can play all your favourite games on your laptop or a portable PC gaming system like the NVIDIA Shield.


2. Connect With Your Wireless Network


If you have Windows you can save your Network configuration settings on to your USB drive. This way you can travel anywhere with a router and connect to your wireless internet


3. Use it as a MP3 Player


As long as you transfer your MP3 folders into your USB drive you can bring your music to the office, school, or if you have your laptop on you. Just put your headphones in (or piss everyone off around you) and you can listen to music from your flash drive.


4. Boost Your PC Speed


You can download software onto your USB drive that can make your PC a lot faster, by deleting junk files or freeing up ram.


5. Use it as a Key


With the software 'Predator' you can have your computer only unlock with a specific USB drive, and if someone where to try to get into your computer they will get hit with a giant access denied logo.

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