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A USB Drive Made Out of Gold!!!!!

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A USB Drive Made Out of Gold!!!!!
Okay maybe its not made out of real gold but I would treat your saved pictures and data as if they were gold, wouldn't you? This USB drive was designed to look like a 1 kilogram solid gold bar and its as shiny as real gold is too. At least when you go out with your friends you could tell them you have a solid gold bar with you. 
Product Name : Gold Bar USB
Industry : Advertising / Marketing Agency,Automotive,Construction / related services,Engineering / Architecture,Real Estate,Financial,Trade Shows,Tourism,Music & Entertainment,Legal Services
Memory : 64MB,128MB,256 MB,512 MB,1 GB,2 GB,4 GB,8 GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB
Material : Special Pieces,Die Cast Metal
OS Support : Gold Bar USBGold Bar USBGold Bar USB
Certificate : Gold Bar USBGold Bar USBGold Bar USB
Colors :
Production Time : 10-12 business days
Dimensions : 59mm x 17.2mm x 7.2mm
Warranty : 5 Years
Level 2 (XP: 350)
9 months ago
Thank you for your comment! :)
Level 2 (XP: 350)
last year
They should make it out of golf for real lol. This does look pretty slick I must admit.
price beat

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