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Best Custom USB Drives

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Best Custom USB Drives
Love these USB Drives, some of the best designs I have ever seen.
USB Direct offers some of the most unique USB drives and devices in the market. I decided to order a bunch of bulk USBs to give out as a small gift to my co-workers this past holiday season. They were kind enough to get back to me asap as i needed these items right away and i ordered last minute. The friendly team at USB Direct really helped to make sure I received all my items before the office Christmas party! 
The USB drives I ordered from USB Direct were the Techno Ride Custom USB drive.
Best Custom USB Drives
A really great, fun and unique little USB drive that many of my coworkers really loved. The USB drive is hidden within the car and I also got the chance to customize the memory size and speed as well. I got this particular USB drive in the 3.0, 512MB. 
Definitely one of the best examples of customer service I have encountered in a long long time. I have no complaints! 
I also really like that this company is Canadian. I am a huge believer in supporting Canadian businesses.
Thanks USB Direct for offering such awesome and unique devices. You guys really are the best!
Check out the other USB drive design they have to offer.
best custom usb drives
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Remember to also visit the USB Direct website for additional information about the products we carry.
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9 months ago
Thank you for sharing with us!
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