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Branded USBs

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Branded USBs
Branded USBs


Whether you're a small business or a larger corporation/entrepreneurial business, coming up with different and unique ways to market yourself can be tricky but with the changes and advancements in the world of technology, there are now many more modern ways to market and brand your business. 

As a Canadian based company, USB Direct offers branding solutions to companies looking for a modern take on marketing. We specialize in the customized branding of USB devices (USB keys, sticks and power bars) that will definitely leave an impression with potential clients at trade-shows or as a conversation piece amongst employees by offering custom company branded USB products for office use.  
We carry custom branded USB devices in a vast array of materials, models, styles and memory sizes, and we also carry branded USB products based on industry.
Some of the materials and styles that our USB products can be made in include some of the following:
  • The New & Exciting Branded USB
 branded usb
  • The Swivel/Twist Branded Series
 Branded USB
  • The Branded Credit Card Drives
  • The Branded Custom Shapes
Branded USB
  • The Plastic Moulded Branded USB
Branded USBS
  • Branded Die Cast Metal USB Drives
Branded USBS
  • Branded PVC/Rubber USB Drives
  •  Branded Wood & Eco (Recycled) USB Drives
Branded USBS
  • Branded Leather USB Drives
 Branded USB
  • Branded Pen Shaped USB Drives
Branded USB
  • Branded Mini & Flat USB Models
Branded USB
  • Branded Special USB Pieces (Custom moulded)
Branded USB
  • Branded Custom Packaging
Branded USB
  •  Branded Accessories
Branded USB Accessories
  • Branded Power Banks
Branded USBS
  •  Branded USB Lanyards
Branded USB landyards
Industry Specific USB Styles! 
 These types of branded USB drives can be made as customized as you'd like, we even carry USB devices sorted by your specific industry which you can choose to browse through. Here are some of the industry specific styles of USB devices we currently carry:
Remember, if you don't find a USB device that matches your industry you can always have your USB device made custom from scratch!
Branded USB Memory and Storage Types 
 Once you have chosen your USB Device, the cusomization of it and what materials you would like to use, you can now decide what type of memory and storage size you are interested in. Some of the USB memory sizes we carry include 64MB - 128GB!

Thinking of adding your logo to your USB device?

At USB Direct, can incorporate your company's brand logo and colour scheme to many of our unique USB devices. We provide amazingly competitive prices when you choose a printing scheme of three colors or a single color for each side of the device. If you want an especially fancy USB drive, we are able to add up to six solid colors in addition to white ink. Furthermore, we can etch words, pictures and logos into flash drives that are made of wood and leather by using precise lasers.

Contact the USB Direct team today to learn more about the USB solutions we can offer your business!
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8 months ago
More information about all the items we carry is available on the products page on the USB Direct website
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9 months ago
Remember to contact the USB direct team today to learn more about the items we have to offer!
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