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Environmentally friendly usb sticks

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Environmentally friendly usb sticks
Environmentally Friendly USB Sticks
At USB Direct we are firm believers in being able to deliver authentic products that are as environmentally friendly as they are unique.
We know that saving the world is as important to you, as it is to us and it is because of this that we carry a vast array of environmentally friendly USB sticks and items.
For our clients who are eco-friendly these wooden USBs are the perfect combination of style and eco-mindfulness!
Not only are they lightweight but very stylish in design.
The appearance of these USBs is natural, sleek and can be customized in a variety of wood finishes – plus your logo can be printed or laser etched onto the surface. Environmentally friendly wooden USBs are starting to gain popularity, don’t get left behind on saving the world!
We recycle and reuse certain materials in order to help Mother Nature out.
Come get your wood USB designed created just for you!
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8 months ago
Thank you for your comment Jonathan. We're glad you like the USBs we have to offer
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I love that these products offer an environmentally friendly option.
Level 2 (XP: 350)
9 months ago
Visit the USB Direct Website today for more info about our wooden eco-friendly collection!
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