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Personalized Portable Phone Charger

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Personalized Portable Phone Charger
Great Personalized Portable Phone Chargers and More! 
I have always been one to look for great new items to add to my collection of portable/handheld devices. So when my employer, who is always offering cool little gadgets and trinkets to us the employees as a show of gratitude for all the awesome work we do, offered us portable phone chargers I was thrilled. These cool little gadgets are an amazing addition to any techy's arsenal of digital tools. 
The one we all got was the Waterproof Solar Power Bank.
personalized portable phone charger
This particular portable phone charger is great because it is built in such a way that it lends itself for great versatility and is easy to carry around for convenience. I really never considered the need for a portable phone charger until i was introduced to these awesome little guys.
My portable phone charger is a trooper and the model we were given as gifts, is so durable and well made, that i have taken it with me camping and on hikes! I never have to worry about losing power on my multiple portable devices. (yes i know, one goes camping or hiking to get away from the digital world, but i need to take pictures to share on social media right?) 
Seeing as i fell in love with this portable phone charger, I decided to ask my boss where he got this item from and was amazed by all the other products offered by the company. USB Direct is in the business of manufacturing customizable USB sticks, drives and other related items. They can literally make USB devices that look like cars or cats if you wanted to. Not only that but they also offer the option of having your USB devices and portable chargers personalized even more by etching on writing or logos. Pretty sweet.
I was impressed to also see Pokemon go related items too:
personalized portable phone charger personalized portable phone chargers
personalized portable phone charger
I must say that i am quite impressed with my customized portable phone charger, not just because it's both waterproof and solar powered, but because as I mentioned I am a huge fan of unique gadgets and devices.Love the unique array of products offered by this company as well.
The one I got is perfect for me!
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8 months ago
Remember to also visit the USB Direct website for more information about the products we carry
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9 months ago
Thank for sharing your thoughts with us! We are so glad you like our portable phone chargers!
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