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Promotional USB Drives Toronto

By USB Direct
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Promotional USB Drives Toronto
Looking for a unique way to promote your business?
USB Direct is a Canadian based company that sells and specializes in the customization of USB drives to all companies both large and small. Catering to both the entrepreneurial business owner and the already established, USB Direct offers a wide variety and range of promotional USB products to suit all needs.
Fully customizable, the USB drives are made taking into account the unique concepts and specifications given, and before the manufacturing process begins, a three dimensional picture of the prospective design is provided. This way it can be guaranteed that the design requested is what is made and delivered. 
You can Shop by Material and Unique Custom Shapes like the following:
You can also shop by MEMORY SIZE or SPEED (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0)
Some of the smaller models can hold 1 Megabyte of data and other larger more advanced models can hold up to 256 Gigabytes of data and information. USB Direct can customize your device by etching on words, pictures or your company's logo to the USB drives made out of wood or leather through the usage of precision lasers. 
All USB Drives also come with a 5 year warranty! 
Take a browse through the USB Direct flash drive products page and take the time to choose a promotional item that will stand out over all the others! 
Ready to customize your promotional USB Drive?
Take a look at the specials that are being offered!
Level 2 (XP: 350)
8 months ago
Contact us today to learn more about our promotional USB drives!
Level 2 (XP: 350)
last year
thank you for your comment! Remember to contact our team directly for more information about the products we have to offer.
Level 7 (XP: 2600)
last year
very informative video and I love the footage of Toronto in the beginning! I'm loving the kind of work your company is offering and the fact that it is Canadian is even better :)
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