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Promotional USB Sticks Canada

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Promotional USB Sticks Canada
Promotional USB Sticks Canada 
Looking for the perfect kind of promotional USB Stick?
USB Direct has got you covered! 
As a business, we understand your need for finding new and unique ways to market and promote your business. Based in Canada, USB Direct specializes in the fabrication and customization of USB Sticks and promotional products. We sell USB drives to suit both small and large businesses alike by offering a vast array of unique items to choose from. 
USB Direct understands the importance of having different promotional items available for customization which is why we carry storage devices that come in different styles, materials and storage size. 
Types of Promotional USB Sticks
USB Direct offers you the option of choosing promotional USB Sticks in different materials such as rubber, different types of wood, recycled materials, steel and finished aluminum just to name a few. If you are looking for a promotional USB that is more unique and fun in design and make, you can choose from USB items like replicas of small cars, miniature guitars or funky LEGO characters! 
promotional usb sticks canada
Promotional USB Sticks Canada
Types of Memory for Promotional USB Sticks
At USB Direct, we carry promotional USB Sticks that can hold between 64 Megabytes of memory and data, as well as USB devices that can store 256 Gigabytes of data and memory. Just let us know what you're looking for in terms of storage and memory and we can find a USB device that can meet both your promotional and storage needs! 
Shop Promotional USB Sticks by Memory Size: 
Adding Your Logo to your Promotional USB Stick
Aside from offering promotional USB devices in different materials and makes, USB Direct also offers you the chance to have your company logo printed right onto the USB device. We can offer your business simple and unique promotional and branding solutions by having your logo printed right onto your USB device at very competitive prices! You can choose the colour schemes you want printed onto the device and if you require something more elaborate or fancy, we can have up to 6 different colour schemes printed! We use top of the line lasers to have everything from words, pictures and logos printed onto your promotional USB stick/drive so that it looks exactly the way you want. 
Promotional USB Sticks Canada
Completely Customize your Promotional USB Stick
Looking for more ways to customize your promotional USB stick/devices? Aside from adding your company logo to your USB device, we also offer the option of making a new, unique and one of a kind USB item from scratch! USB Direct will be able to assist you with making your device from start to finish. All you will need to do is contact us with the design you have in mind for your USB stick/device and our team will create a 3D picture of the prospective design. Once you have approved the design and details we will begin production. Just like that you'll have a unique promotional USB Stick/device that you can use! 
Promotional USB Sticks Canada
Contact the USB Direct team today to learn more about the Promotional USB sticks we carry! 
Adding Your Logo to your Promotional USB Stic
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Contact USB Direct today to learn more about getting your own promotional USB stick/devices!
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