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Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Flash Drive

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Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Flash Drive

1. "Fake Flash" or Hacked USB Drives

These hacked USB drives or 'fake flash" are USB drives that have less memory than what is shown on the packaging. Some USB drives need some space for security and give you less than what is shown on the package, these are not hacked USB drives. Hacked USB drives are when the manufacturer gives you less storage but when you load up your computer it says you have what the amount on the box tells you. An example of this is when a company sells you a 64GB flash drive but you only have 16GB on the drive but when you go home and check how much space is on the drive it says 64GB, this is where you need to be careful and do research on the drive you are buying.

2. Counterfeits

There are people who counterfeit USB drives and the way you can spot one is if you do research on the serial number of the USB drive you are buying. People will use the company branding to make a sale which means that anything on the box could be a lie. The USB drive that you are buying could have less space than what was asked for and as I talked about in the last paragraph you could lose a lot of data.

3. Buy a Durable Flash Drive

Nothing is going to save your data if your flash drive is crushed or snapped in half. This is why it is a lot smarter to buy a flash drive that is made of aluminium or a very hard material so when you drop it or leave it in your pocket when you put it in the wash, you wont lose all your data.

We at USB Direct want to share this information so that all consumers of USB memory products can be aware and protected against some of the issues that could arise. All the USB Memory and Drives that we offer are guaranteed to perform to the best specifications -- and every product is covered by a warranty that is handled right here in Canada.
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